About Esturya

They say we live in a world of mosaics. The Philippines itself today was born of a marriage between the West and the Orient; it shows in what we speak, cook, wear, and do every day. Yet, beneath these layers of cultures, we can still see that distinct Filipino identity. And it couldn’t be more important to truly embrace our roots, our culture.

Of course, not every Filipino child lives or grows up in the Philippines itself. But we’d like to believe our country lives in every Filipino, whether they live here or sixteen hours away.

We’re also lucky to be in a time when technology is easily within reach. So, an idea was born and grew into this: with Esturya, we combine several things that we love — code, design, storytelling, and all things Filipino — to bring pieces of our culture, from east to west, one fun-filled app at a time.

Formerly Esturya For Kids, we have realigned ourselves to go beyond a child-oriented audience and renamed our project in January 2015 as Esturya Learning & Communication Apps.


Esturya Summer App Camp

We hold a five-day code workshop in the summer about the basics of building an iOS app. Read more.


The Team

Esturya is a collaborative project between Akubo Software and Seventh Films.

Robin Abello, software design
The founder of a Philippine CRM software company called Akubo, Robin started this project with his brother, Jay, in 2013 and supervises the overall software design of the Esturya apps.

Jay Abello, art direction
Jay heads the production house Seventh Films and brings a strong background of visual storytelling and film onboard. Among his popular local films are Red (2014) and Pureza: The Story of Negros Sugar (2012).

Reggie Cabalo, software engineer
Reggie graduated with a computer science degree in 2013. When he’s not busy writing code, you can find him watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? or listening to Pentatonix on YouTube.

Joy Martir, graphic designer
A communications graduate, Joy initially applied to be a writer for Akubo. Now, she does graphics and illustrations as well. She’s often found hoarding Milo packets for herself.

Kevin Gargar, software engineer
The team’s fresh graduates look up to Kevin’s prowess with code. He is an engineering graduate with a quiet personality that often belies a quick sense of humor.



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