Sabor Filipino Cookbook

Sabor, iPad 2

Go on a culinary journey around the Philippines — right in your kitchen!

Sabor Filipino Cookbook is a collection of 25 recipes, from the iconic adobo and tinolang manok (chicken soup with green papaya), to dishes native to the various regions like the Ilocanos’ pinakbet, the Cebuanos’ tinowang isda (fish soup), and the sticky rice dessert called tabirak of the southern Philippines. 

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Readers can sort the 25 recipes by region, by type, (e.g. meat, soup, fish), or even by ingredients. Every recipe comes with tips, and alternative ideas are offered for certain ingredients rarely available outside the Philippines: chayote, for example, instead of papaya, and chili pepper leaves instead of malunggay.

The recipe steps can also be viewed in two ways: the standard list, or in a step-by-step manner, so you can go one step at a time.

Sabor, Shots 3 - Regions
Sabor, Shots 2 - Step by Step feature



Sabor includes a glossary of local terms and cooking terms, a favorites feature, and even a cooking timer.

Sabor, Shots 4 - Glossary
Sabor, Shots 5 - Timer


Let’s make Sabor even better

But here’s the fun part: with Sabor, we want to create a cookbook by Filipinos, for Filipinos and everyone else. Do you have your own version of the adobo? An original recipe? A mysterious dish native to your region? Send them to Sabor and help us showcase the best of Philippine food to the world!

Sabor, iPad